Capturing 125 Years

I’ve written this blog copy no less than eight times.

Yes, eight times.

Seven of the eight times, I threw the draft away in complete and utter frustration. It wasn’t right. It felt forced. It lacked some integrity. The fact is – I was trying too hard.

I knew after the 7th group of torn and marked up notebook sheets hit the recycling bin that I needed to start again. I needed a different direction. Why? Because when it’s simple…when its natural…that’s when the blog is at it’s best.

That’s kind of how I feel about all of the work I do for Fitterer’s.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing our celebration of 125 Years in business. I’ve often said that creating content for this store is easy. Not because content creation itself is a walk in the park; rather, because the deeply rooted company culture of people-first lends itself to natural moments worth sharing.

Sure, there are weekly portrait style photos that feature furniture, that’s the surface of this business. What’s occurred to me, or maybe
re-occurred in this time of celebration , is that the heart of this business is truly people. It’s forming bonds with customers. Its connection to a community.

A large part of 125 years in business has nothing to do with products at all.

That’s not to say quality furniture takes a backseat. The sturdy hand-crafted beauty of an heirloom quality table certainly ‘hold it’s own’, so-to-speak. However, capturing the moments of shared joy for a celebration of a milestone like this one really made me think about what these connections mean.

I put together a little slideshow to share some of the many decades of faces and events here on the corner of 4th and Main for the big event. More than once , it was difficult not to smile. Anniversaries past, retirements, celebrations – even just the day to day moments I weeded through seemed to come with a theme. I was reminded and humbled by the visually natural patterns that have carried over many years. It’s more than furniture.

It’s Togetherness. It’s Joy. It’s Pride.

The faces in these memories change, but the feeling behind the photos remains constant. I’m certainly proud to be a part of this business. To know that at the end of the day, I’m a person here. I know that the CEO of this company I work for does care about people. The people who work here. The people who shop here. The people who live here.

I thought I’d share that slideshow with you today. It moves a little slowly, so you may want to speed it up if you watch it at home. I hope you get some of that same feeling that I did. That feeling of natural ease & integrity I was looking for when I sat down to write this, no less than eight drafts ago.