Old Baggage

Well, it seems there was no luck with my Skyway Luggage endeavor.

I’ve come to learn that often, this is just ‘how it goes’ with research. Sometimes there’s not an easy answer to the question, especially when it comes to obscure odds and ends like vintage luggage tags.

I think that’s why I love doing this. The puzzle is half of the fun.

So, maybe I didn’t get the answer that I was hoping for from Skyway this week; what I did get was a great reminder of the many surprises that live around every corner of Fitterer’s.

I really liked the idea of pursing these luggage tags, largely because it ties into the fact that the store has evolved so much over the last 124 years. Once upon a time, you could find a variety of home goods at Fitterer’s Furniture; only back then, it was called Fitterer Bros.

Pots and pans, luggage, china, appliances and so much mFitterers 1920 store windowore were available back when the delivery vehicles included Ford Model A’s  – those came after the horse drawn wagons, of course.

These days we stick to furniture delivered by box truck, but the philosophy of providing exceptional customer service remains the same.

I really enjoy hearing from customers and past customers about the things they remember coming from Fitterer’s in days gone by. I’ve been told about graduation gifts, like trunks and mini chests, wedding china, even century-old heirloom dining sets. Each time, I’m reminded of just how long Fitterer’s has been a part of this community.

I love the little physical odds and ends that remain here at the store, but the memories we hear in the stories we are told make the longevity here a little ‘extra special’.

Of course, the vintage things I find here and there still certainly spark my interest.

So, even though I didn’t get an exact date on the Skyway tags I found last week, I still wanted to find out about when they came from. A few searches later and I was able to do some estimating based upon what I found online. Looking over photos and archived advertisements, I’m guessing that these tags and the registration pamphlet date back to the late 40’s to early 50’s. The fonts and artwork match up very closely with the Skyway advertisements of that era, so without a confirmation from the company, this is about the closest estimate I could come up with.

Reading over the phamplet, its no suprise that Skyway was something Fitterer’s carried. To this day, Fitterer’s has been committed to providing quality products that we can stand behind, The “Golden Dot” guarantee boasted by Skyway Luggage fits right in with that philosophy.

“ Should this piece of Skyway Luggage, bearing the Golden Dot, become defective through rips, tears or punctures, and its use as a piece of luggage be impaired, we agree to repair or replace it free of charge.”

We might not have luggage around anymore, but we do remain committed to honest sales practices, quality products and customer satisfaction – and that’s something that will never change.