124 Years of Service

Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe we’re already a week into 2020. I sat down to write this blog today, looked at the calendar and realized how quickly time seems to be moving.

I’m excited to see where 2020 takes us here at the store. Between our annual events, the launch of our eventual weekly vlog ( I promise, its coming!), new opportunities and so much to look forward to in the coming year, its going to be a busy and exciting start to a new decade.

At Fitterer’s, 2020  marks 124 years of service.


Fitterers 1920 store windowI get so used to seeing and saying, “Since 1896”,sometimes its hard to quantify how long that truly is.

Fitterer’s has been operating for 124 years under the same family, in the same town and largely, in the same building.

Though the store didn’t begin here on the corner of fourth and main, it wasn’t long before the founding Fitterer brothers moved into the space that we still open for business six days a week.

I started thinking about all of the odds this business has had to beat in order to have enjoyed the longevity that we have. When you think about it in terms of a timeline, this store has lived through an incredible amount of challenge and history.

Since opening in 1896 Fitterer’s has remained open through two World Wars, The Great Depression, The Recession of 2008, devastating fires that ripped through the downtown area, and a host of other challenges.

I think the big question most people have when they learn how long this store has been around is, ‘how?’.

Obviously I can’t answer that question entirely. I don’t know if anyone can say “this is exactly what we’ve done to be successful”. What I can tell you is what I’ve observed during my time here, and what I’ve learned about this business as I’ve combed through 124 years of history.

Let’s be honest, the world changes fast. It changes exceptionally fast in our technology driven era, where information and communication is  instantly attainable. While the information age has given us some incredible tools, I personally find it easy to become overwhelmed with continual changes.

Fitterers Furniture Storefront

I think that one of the ways Fitterer’s has found success for so many centuries, is the ability to remain a constant during this, sort of,  ‘occasional chaos’.

When you walk into this store, you’ll be greeted by a person, not a computer.

When you place an order, your sales person will hand write your ticket.

They’ll probably offer you a cookie or some hot coffee while you sit down and go over the details of your purchase.

When you make a payment, we’ll crank the handle on our 116 year old cash register and put your money in the drawer. We’ll show you how the register works too, if you want.

We handle our financing in house. We know many of our customers by name. We are proud to support our community, and enjoy opening our doors as a venue for festivals like Jazz in the Valley or Spirit of the West.

We deliver to anyone in the state, and we do that at no charge for our customers in Central Washington.

Fitterer's delivery truck from early 1900s.
Fitterer’s delivery truck from early 1900s.

I think what makes this store unique is our commitment to providing the service that you miss from ‘way back when’ and combining it with the furniture you want in 2020.

I’m looking forward to sharing more pieces of Fitterer’s 124 year history. I’m also looking forward to giving you a closer look at what makes this place tick, what we’re all about, and what you can expect from your experience as a Fitterer’s customer.

We hope you enjoy a happy and healthy new year!