“The Pillow”

Pillows seem like a pretty ordinary find in a furniture store. There are literally dozens of them sprinkled around the Fitterer’s showroom.

I just looked up from my paper as I wrote ‘dozens’. Dozens is a terrible estimate.

Tallying only what I can see from the chair- and- a -half I’m sitting in ( which is really comfortable by the way) there are 15 throw pillows in this small section of the store. So in reality, ‘hundreds’ is probably a better unit of measure. We’ve got throw pillows, memory foam pillows, down pillows, down alternative pillows – there’s just a lot of pillows in here.

That’s probably why I couldn’t help my curiosity when I found a box in the basement with “the pillow’ written across it it red sharpie. Any pillow called “the pillow” in a store with hundreds of them has to be unique. I got a little flutter of inspiration in that moment, and without hesitation, I took the dirty box upstairs.

I have to be honest, I was a little nervous to open this thing up. With absolutely no clue what was inside or how long it had been there, I decided to proceed with some caution.

Gently lifting the corner of the cardboard box, I saw a shimmer of plastic, so I carefully pulled out the bag inside.

Inside of the plastic bag; a dusty & discolored pillow with “ Fitterer Bros” embroidered in red on one side.

I looked at this strange piece of memorabilia with absolute delight. It was certainly the last thing I expected to find when I began the day looking for inspiration.

The unknown is really the fun part about ‘Throwback Thursdays’. The first several times I began looking for old treasures in the store it was easy to choose odds and ends, research them and share their stories. As I continued week after week, the hunt for inspiration turned into a little more of a puzzle.

I love a puzzle.

It’s so fun to go on a hunt for something new here. There’s so many places to look and so much that I know I haven’t seen yet, but sometimes the ‘right’ find can be tricky. Almost always, the ‘right’ find winds up popping up like a firecracker on the Fourth of July. I just love that feeling. The excitement of something new and interesting always renews my inspiration to continue celebrating the history a Fitterer’s Furniture. The legacy here, really.

Ok…so back to the “ The Pillow” .

When I brought this dingy treasure up to my desk, Brad gave me a priceless look of confusion over my joy. If I’m remembering correctly, he basically crinkled his nose and said “ what IS that?!”

I filled him in on where I found it, and asked if he knew anything about it. He didn’t, but he did confirm it had to come from the era that the store was called Fitterer Bros ( pre 1958) , considering the embroidered scroll.

After our brief conversation, he said something to the affect of “ should we just go ahead and throw that out?”

I had to laugh, because here I am thrilled about this dirty old pillow, ready to explore it, and Brad’s ready to throw it out.

We shared a humorous conversation on the difference in our perspective on this pillow, and Brad suggested we at least take it over to the cleaners. I gladly agreed.

As much fun as I had finding it, I wasn’t thrilled about juggling sixty years of dust bunnies at my desk.

I picked up ‘ The Pillow’ yesterday, and while it’s green ( and maybe at one point pink) floral pattern is still a little discolored, it cleaned up beautifully.

I think one of the reasons I love this pillow so much is that its such a mystery. Brad has no idea where it came from. Cheryl, our business manager has been here for 28 years – she’s never seen it. With all of the moves, remodels, & just the sheer amount of life that happens in a building this age, its amazing that this single pillow managed to go unnoticed for so long.

We really have no idea where or what this piece of memorabilia comes from. What I can tell you, is that it s a lofty down pillow with a floral print cover. Despite its age, it’s kept its shape perfectly.The red embroidered branding remains intact, lifting only slightly in a few spots.

We imagine that someone may have brought it to the store after finding it. We do get a lot of vintage memorabilia brought in, so its certainly a possibility. Since it can’t talk, we’re basically left to our imaginations here.

If you happen to know anything about “ The Pillow”, let us know! Send us a message or leave a comment if you can help connect the dots on this mysterious throwback!