Beat the Winter Blues!

I know I can’t speak for everyone when I say this, so I apologize to anyone who is loving the weather right now, but I’m going to say it nonetheless. Winter has over stayed its welcome. The frigid temps, cloudy skies and snow that refuses to melt has me dreaming of spring flowers and being able to go places without my jacket.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably ready to escape some winter blues too, and though we can’t change the weather, we can make small changes to our interior design to help speed the spring time feelings along!

Ditch Old Lamp Shades

Shades that have lost their luster or turned an off white over time won’t look as clean and fresh as they did when they were new. Replacing lamp shades that are past their prime with crisper white shades will brighten up the space, allowing more light to shine from a bulb.

Consider Color

Paint can do so much more than we think when it comes to our minds and our moods. The psychology behind different hues is fascinating and widely studied by interior design experts. Though the way certain colors make us feel ultimately lies in the eyes and emotions of the beholder, much of color psychology suggests yellows and bright blues or greens tend to evoke cheery feelings and happiness!

If painting your walls a bright shade of yellow or blue makes you more anxious than excited, consider bright pops of color when it comes to furniture and accessories. Even pale gray walls can pair beautifully with bright yellows, blues, pinks or reds and give off a happy vibe that’s anything but a winter downer.

For some great paint pallets and color ideas that are fun without being over the top visit:

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors truly are great accessories. They’re practical, they can be beautiful and they reflect light like a dream. Take advantage of natural sunlight and maximize its potential in your home with reflective wall mirrors, leaning mirrors, or even mirrored coffee or end tables!

Bring the Outside In

If it’s been awhile since you’ve been able to hit your favorite trail ( or lets be honest, even leave your driveway, for some!) you might want to consider bringing some natural pieces and outdoor elements inside. Rock top tables, live edge bedroom and dining sets, or even a simple house plant can bring your mind back to what you love about the warm months and nature. No venturing out into the cold required!


Flower Power

We’ve talked about how trendy floral fabrics are becoming for 2019, and for great reasons! From bursting blossoms in bright tones to soft and feminine pastel blooms, the possibilities are many. Adding a floral pillow, accent chair or even a few flowers in a vase will get you thinking about spring in no time!