Cabinet Clean Out

Good Afternoon and Happy Valentines Day!

This week I’m excited to share something that I came across while reorganizing our cabinet downstairs. A group of documents dating back to 1978 and 1980 with some significant Fitterer’s history jumped out at me during my cabinet clean out, and I immediately tucked it away so it could be shared on the right Thursday.

It was safe to say that the cabinet had gotten a little disheveled throughout the year, so one January morning I emptied it out and began putting it back together. I was hoping I could get the cabinet looking a little more organized while keeping it full and showing off the huge amount of history it holds. Top to bottom I started adding awards, photos, books, and antiques back to the shelves. Some of these mementos we’ve had here for many years, and others have come to us more recently from thoughtful friends and community members who have donated their Fitterer’s memorabilia back to the store.

I always smile when I comb through these vintage pieces. Little moments of history living in a cabinet, next to the most incredible antique cash register I’ve ever seen. Truly physical indicators of a business well run. Not many can say they’ve been operating for over 120 years, and even fewer have the equipment they started with in their sales office.

If you ask Brad, he’ll be happy to tell you the story ( and stories !) of Fitterer’s throughout the decades. He’s a pleasure to listen to ; but sifting through this history for the last few years has uncovered more than I could have hoped for.

When I started this in 2017, I wanted to figure out who Fitterer’s as a company was. I learned quickly that they had a great reputation in our current community, were friendly, honest and sold with integrity. I learned over the breaking down of these little artifacts that this is who they’ve been from the beginning.

All the way back to the days of the Horton House ,the Fitterer Brother’s were well respected for their honest way of doing business. If it wasn’t for a saved 1800’s news clipping I found in the basement, I’d only have to go on assumption. There’s no assuming here – this is the real deal.

So yes , no matter how many times I’ve seen these things, they still make me smile!

What I found this time made me smile big. Three letters between Joe Fitterer and Margaret Fitterer (Brad’s Mother!) include plans for a logo change and remodeling projects over three years. Two of the papers were Margaret’s approval responses to the changes to be made.

Notice the difference in the logos between the years!

There’s no doubt that this business has always been “all in the family”, and Brad’s commitment to treating his customers like family is apparent from the moment you walk in the door.

We hope you have a happy and safe weekend, as the snow falls without signs of stopping!