Tip Tuesday: Small Spaces

Small spaces can be tricky to get ‘just right’ in terms of style and functionality. Limited square footage comes with unique challenges that many people living in tiny homes, condos and apartments are all too familiar with. If you’ve found yourself wondering how to make the most out of a small room, we’ve got some tips to help you maximize your space without sacrificing your style.

Save a Seat

Rather than cramming a full sized sofa or sectional into a small living room to ensure you have enough seating for guests, choose a proportional or petite piece that fits the space. To create additional seating that saves room, consider alternative options like poufs or stools. These smaller, light weight alternatives can be moved easily, allowing for versatility in addition to functionality. They also come in a variety of colors and styles to complement any look or add a touch of personality to an interior!


Invest in Multi-Taskers

Furniture that serves more than one purpose is essential when it comes to a small space. Storage ottomans or coffee tables for example, make great multipurpose pieces in a living room. These allow for a place to tuck away small items like books, laptops or toys, while also serving as traditional furniture.

Those who like something a little different may enjoy using a storage trunk as a non traditional coffee table that doubles as a storage solution.

For those who lack space for overnight guests, cabinet beds provide a beautiful and practical alternative to a traditional wall bed. They also make great space savers for studio apartments! Simply unfold the cabinet to create a comfortable sleeping experience for guests, and fold up when your finished!



Lighten Up

Choosing whites or other light tones for your walls can open up a small or dark room. Spaces that lack lighting benefit from these colors as they help accentuate any natural light that’s already there. Another benefit to white? Its easy to complement and dress up! Use furniture you already have or choose from a variety of styles, colors and finishes to design a bright and beautiful room.


The Rug Shouldn’t be Tiny, Too

When choosing a rug for a small room, be sure that it’s large enough. A tiny rug in a small room can create an illusion that the space is even smaller. Opt for a large enough size that most of the furniture will be able to sit on.