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For more than a century, we at Fitterer's Furniture have taken care of our customers by serving their interests and remaining true to ourselves. Whether you are an employee, customer, friend, or community member, you can rest assured that we will do the best possible job of taking care of your needs and remaining true to our core values.

This is as true today as it was 20 years ago, 40 years ago, and even 100 years ago. Fitterer's was founded upon a belief that we are here to serve you. We take a more holistic approach to business where the customer comes first.

Fitterer's store front today

Fitterer's north facing store front.

The store you see today at the corner of 4th and Main in Ellensburg has evolved over the decades to specialize in quality home furnishings, as opposed to the past, where many different household items were sold, everything from floor covering and linoleum to curtains and draperies, and even further back, to more fundamental household goods such as pots and pans.

Fitterer's front window in the 1950s

Fitterer's front window during the 1950s.

When we first opened our doors in 1896, we sold everything from pitchers and bowls, to pots and pans, and knives and forks. The inventory back then was sometimes auctioned salvage from the Northern Pacific Railroad, and we easily could have evolved into a hardware store. Historically, though, we should have been a funeral home, because that's what most furniture stores on the West coast started as. However, Fitterer's evolved a bit differently in that we actually started as a furniture store.

Furniture has always been our primary focus, and with your continued support, we hope it remains that way for another 100 years. To learn more about our rich history, just download our 100th Anniversary booklet originally printed in 1996 for our centennial. It contains lots of interesting information and photographs about the business and about Ellensburg's storied past as well.

Fitterer's delivery truck

Fitterer's delivery truck from early 1900s.

  • Throwback Thursday: Landlords

    Good Afternoon!

    Another Thursday, and another fun find in the mix of memories we keep around this century old building!  Typically we only get to go back as far as 1896 in terms of throwback finds. This week, an even older story made its way to the blog, thanks to a friendly expert at the Ellensburg public library! 

    While browsing through boxes in a closet upstairs, we found a newspaper clipping. Attached to the clipping was a letter that explained this article was found in the archives at the public library. Reference Specialist Milton Wagy shared the article, taken from Page 3 of the of the Ellensburg Capital Newspaper in March of 1893. The article features a piece on the change of management of the Horton Hotel – just before the Fitterer brothers took over.

    The reporter describes the transition, when Frank and Phillip Fitterer re-opened the dining area of the hotel. Shortly after they would take over all of the rooms as well. The complete change of hands was to occur on April 1st, 1893 according to the article – a little over 125 years ago today!

    As Mr. Wagy pointed out in his accompanying letter, the reporter didn’t shy away from his feelings for the former manager of the hotel!

    “They will take possession of the rooms on April 1st, at which time, it is understood, the former landlord will leave the town for good. So be it.”

    Clearly disgruntled with the former landlord, the writer welcomed the Fitterer brothers with high praise and confidence.

    “As the citizens of Ellensburgh can now appreciate the importance of having a pleasant, courteous and public spirited landlord”

    The brothers of course transitioned to home furnishings following their time managing the Horton. They took their 'public spirited' , service based approach to their new venture; cultivating success and a strong sense of community in the heart of downtown Ellensburg - or Ellensburgh, as it was in 1893. 






  • Throwback Thursday : Acquisition

    We are always immensely grateful to have enjoyed a long history in a town where history presents itself, quite literally, on every street corner. We’ve told you all about the building here on the corner of 4th and Main, gone over the history of our prized cash register and even taken you on a journey through the past to figure out exactly when old fabrics and stamps made their way to the store.

    Some items have been in our possession for up to 110 years – but others come to us by different means. This week we wanted to highlight a few antiques that we’ve been privileged to acquire from friends of the store and community members who enjoy the history of city.

    Most days people take things out of Fitterer’s and back to their own home. Other times however; they bring something in to us!

    We’ve received yard sticks imprinted with Fitterer Bros. branding and contact info from days gone by. Some of these we can’t even date back to, as their age and rarity make it difficult to pin point. The yard stick pictured below for example , we simply could not date. We usually try to find clues on the item to give us an idea of age, and the phone number “Main 97” would be the most distinctive marker. With no search results on the web, we actually took to our Facebook friends for this one. We got a few leads and possible date of 1922 from our fans and local history buffs!

    Antique yard stick , given to the store by a friend. This is oldest Fitterer Bros Yard stick that we've come across thus far.

    Discovering something new is always a joy -as is discovering something with an interesting back story! A few days ago, we were fortunate to receive a lithograph that was removed from the side of an old building in the process of being demolished. The metal plate, about one yard wide was a newspaper lithograph that happened to feature Former Rodeo Queen Kathie Fitterer and her 1965 Royal court. We were able to share this treasure with the Kathie herself, and learned that its common to find these lithograph panels on old buildings.

    1965 Lithograph found on a building being demolished - featuring Rodeo Queen Kathie Fitterer and the Royal Court 

    Right side of the lithograph - featuring the full Rodeo Royal Court


    We’ve even received China, purchased as a wedding gift at Fitterer’s just a few years after the new store on 4th and Main was opened, and an amazing 1896 coin on another occasion.

    1896 Coin, given to us by John Davidson III 


    Taken from our original Facebook Post: This beautiful vintage cream pitcher with gold detailing was a gift for Mr. and Mrs. John Ringer ( Married March 1909) , later given to Fitterer's by Merle Ringer. The Johnson Bros. (England) pitcher was purchased in a china set from Fitterer's in the early 1900s; a note included with the pitcher states that Mr. and Mrs. Bert Richeson
    ( Married February 1910 ), also had one of the same sets purchased at Fitterer's.

    We value the relationship we have with our customers and the community of Ellensburg above all else. We love to be able to share stories that make their way to us through the generous tight knit network that we call our friends, family and neighbors. 

  • Throwback Thursday: The Fitterer Building

    Good morning! It's another sunny March day in Ellensburg!

    Today we’d like to take a trip back to when the Fitterer building that we know today first came to the corner of 4th and Main!

    People often come into the store and ask us if we've been in the same building all 122 years we've been in business. While the store we know today has been standing for over a Century , the Fitterer brothers (Phillip and Frank at this time) , sold home goods and furnishings at a location on the corner of 3rd and Main.  The original 3rd Avenue location was actually very close to the old Robber's Roost trading post opened by Andrew Jackson Splawn and Ben Burch in 1870. 

    The Fitterer's success, driven by top notch service, hard work and long hours, resulted in expansion. In 1907 the the South East lot at the corner of 4th Avenue and Main Street was purchased for $6000, and construction on the new building started shortly after. 

    Over 225,000 bricks make up the building -  the majority were actually manufactured locally in Ellensburg at the Cobel brickyard. The beautiful brick and large display windows identify the impressive 120’ x 60’ structure; completed in February of 1909.

    One of the most unique features of the Fitterer building is the second floor balcony. Something many people don’t know, is that the building was actually designed to stand just two stories tall. The balcony, added to the 18ft first floor, would later be converted into a second floor for additional showroom space. This unique modification used a system of steel rods to suspend the second floor from the third floor ceiling. If you find yourself walking through the store today, you may notice the rods while you browse. These, along with the zinc plated cash register are just a few reminders of Fitterer’s earliest days!

    A look at the suspension system on our second floor. The second floor is suspended by the 3rd floor ceiling. 

    While there have been modifications over time, the 21,600 square foot building has been fully operational since its construction in 1909. The next time you find yourself downtown, stop by and see us. We’d love to share our story with you!